Video Testimonials

Real patients, real stories, real lives. Watch Krystle, Brandy, Courtney, Allison, and Barbra as they graciously go on camera and share their experience.

Meet Krystle Alvarado and her family. Krystle’s idea of the perfect, normal twin pregnancy was shattered with the news of a lethal skeletal dysplasia affecting one of her babies. Watch her story and the loving guidance Dr. Berry provided.

Brandy experienced a complication found on her screening ultrasound leading to a threat of more severe birth defects with her pregnancy. In spite of the threats of heart and growth complications, she succeeded in delivering a happy, normal, term baby. See how Dr. Berry guided her through this scary time in her life.

Courtney’s pregnancy with her twin babies was threatened by the risk of Fragile X Syndrome, as well as risks of twin-twin transfusion and preterm delivery. Dr. Berry's simple, straightforward and pragmatic management of these conditions helped her through her fears and to a term delivery, enjoying a second honeymoon in Italy during the process.

View Allie's story. Cervical insufficiency (incompetent cervix) led her twin pregnancy to the loss of one and the early birth of another. Allie shares her experiences with Dr. Berry and Austin Perinatal as the experts in all aspects of cervical cerclage, based on her own personal experience.

Barbra has experienced so many aspects of high-risk pregnancies. From preterm deliveries to gestational diabetes to advanced maternal age to incompetent cervix, Barbra knows the many complications that can plague an otherwise normal pregnancy. Listen to her personal experiences with Dr. Berry's care throughout several pregnancies.

Written Testimonials

“I have been to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, Boston, and New York City without a diagnosis. Dr. Berry diagnosed my condition in 30 minutes.”
-Wife of professional athlete

“I trust Dr. Berry and wouldn’t leave my complex medical care to anyone but him.”
-CEO of Austin advertising corporation

“You are the cerclage king! Do you know how many babies that you have saved?”
-Austin OB/GYN

“Why do you have the lowest preterm delivery rate out of any perinatal practice in Central Texas?”
-Medical Director of managed care Medicaid plan

“For the Love of Babies” Award

On May 16, 2013, Hand to Hold held a celebration for the success of “For the Love of Babies,” their 100-day fundraising campaign. Hand to Hold is a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the parents of premature and special needs babies. This foundation provides tremendous emotional support to NICU families in Austin and across the country. Dr. David Berry of Austin Perinatal Associates received the inaugural “For the Love of Babies Award” for his profound level of compassion that he has demonstrated in the lives of thousands of central Texas women with high-risk pregnancies. Here are some highlights from his acceptance speech.