A good night’s rest is important, but sometimes it can seem impossible. Sleep is even harder for pregnant women who have been told that sleeping on their back could suddenly harm or “cut off circulation” to a growing baby. The idea is understandably terrifying, and many women have lost sleep and endured discomfort while trying.. read more →

For a pregnant woman who wants to relax, the world can seem full of potential dangers. Hot tubs are often forbidden to pregnant women, as many fear that a soak in a hot tub will cause spinal bifida. While there are certainly things that should be avoided entirely during pregnancy, hot tubs don’t necessarily deserve.. read more →

Pregnancy can be tiring, and moms-to-be are often eager to get a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, a developing baby’s activities may be anything but restful, especially when you are ready. Even when an expectant mom is sleeping, her baby may be moving and active. Some first-time moms might be wondering how to lull their yet-to-be-born.. read more →

Infertility is becoming an increasingly common concern in the United States. More couples are choosing to wait until later in life to have children. While waiting does allow time for the parents to complete their education, pay off debts, or find a good career, it can also mean higher chances of infertility and medical conditions.. read more →

Whether it’s ice cream, donuts, or peanut butter, the sugar-filled cravings experienced by pregnant women are well documented. With so many sweet treats, a doctor’s diagnosis of gestational diabetes might leave many moms-to-be wondering if they’re to blame for their condition. While gestational diabetes will require some additional dietary alterations and blood sugar monitoring, you.. read more →