Dr. David Berry is an expert in medical and obstetrical complications of pregnancy. Whether you have a common pre-existing condition, such as diabetes, hypertension, lupus or a thyroid disorder, or a more complex disease such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, or a history of stroke, pulmonary embolus, complex migraine headaches, seizures or heart attack, Austin Perinatal is your one-stop for medical complications of pregnancy.

Dr. Berry uses the latest diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for preterm labor, cervical insufficiency and pre-eclampsia.

  1. Diabetes
    Austin Perinatal Associates can help you manage all aspects of your diabetic care, from consultation to fetal growth evaluation to diabetic education to medication and insulin management. APA is your best ally for all of your diabetic needs.
  2. Hypertension
    High blood pressure in pregnancy can come in many forms. There are patients with pre-existing hypertension requiring medications that are safe to take in pregnancy and those with gestational hypertension/pre-eclampsia. Most medications (other than ACE inhibitors) can be safely taken in pregnancy. These medications should be closely monitored, as well as your clinical response and any side effects. As your pregnancy progresses, changes in medications are frequently required. Dr. Berry and APA can help you safely navigate these complex decisions.
  3. Preterm Labor
    Delivering a baby before term (< 37 weeks) can throw a normal pregnancy into an emotionally and psychologically stressful circumstance. Any patient with a previous history of preterm delivery should be evaluated as to any preventative steps that may prolong a pregnancy. Whether increased monitoring with cervical length studies, decreased activity, antenatal steroid therapy or fetal fibronectin monitoring is the best path for you, Dr. Berry and his staff will guide you through this challenging time of your pregnancy.
  4. Pre-Eclampsia
    Gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia are inflammatory diseases unique to pregnancy that usually occur in the third trimester (> 28 weeks of gestation). A new onset of high blood pressure > 140/90, protein in your urine and swelling of your hands and face are the diagnostic criteria for pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a disorder of your small blood vessels and capillaries where your immune system puts out inflammatory prostaglandin chemicals that can damage your kidneys, liver and brain.

    The pre-eclampsia syndromes (HELLP syndrome, TTP, HUS and AFLP) must be treated on an individualized basis. In severe cases of pre-eclampsia, hospitalization and early delivery may be required. Dr. Berry has extensive experience in all of the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and can provide you with expert guidance and care.

  5. Incompetent Cervix
    Cervical insufficiency, also known as incompetent cervix, is a condition where the cervix dilates without any significant pain, usually during the 18 – 24 week timeframe of the pregnancy. Incompetent cervix can cause a devastating second trimester loss of a baby without any warning. Frequently, there are no reliable symptoms until it is too late.

    Any patient that has lost or delivered a baby for any reason in the second trimester, should undergo evaluation by Dr. Berry for a possible cerclage. Cerclage is a procedure to surgically close and reinforce your cervix. It has the additional benefits of preventing the membranes from prolapsing into the cervix and helps prevent infection from normal vaginal bacteria. A cerclage is a simple, 5-minute procedure that saves babies’ lives.