Welcome to Austin Perinatal Associates

Austin Perinatal Associates is the only independent medical practice in central Texas that solely specializes in the fetal diagnostic imaging and maternal complications of pregnancy.

Dr. David L. Berry founded Austin Perinatal Associates in 1997. Since that time, Dr. Berry and his team of highly-trained clinical and administrative staff have provided the highest quality, passionate, individualized care that is now available to you. Such care is what you and your pregnancy deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission at Austin Perinatal is to treat our patients like our own family. All of our recommendations will take into account each patient’s own views, history, background and beliefs to individualize a treatment plan. We consider ourselves honored to be invited into the most vulnerable moments of a woman’s life. Our hope is that we help guide our patients through fearful, devastating or blissful life experiences associated with complicated pregnancies.

Dr. Berry is committed to not only optimal medical care of his patients, but the psychological and emotional components as well. By utilizing the latest in ultrasound imaging, prenatal screening, invasive testing, monitoring and intervening based on the patient’s individual needs, Dr. Berry and his staff will assist you in the best outcome for your pregnancy.

Trusted Methods

Austin Perinatal provides advanced targeted fetal imaging through diagnostic ultrasound evaluations and expert, integrated management of any medical or genetic diseases that may complicate your pregnancy. Dr. Berry’s life passion is to hold the hands of his patients through the most difficult day of their life, providing personalized care and guidance through the unexpected challenges that a pregnancy may bring. He also celebrates the joy of a successful pregnancy outcome.

Whether you have a complex medical history, multiple gestation, genetic risk factors or pre-existing medical conditions, all of your concerns will be addressed at Austin Perinatal Associates, customizing a care plan to fit your individual needs.